Hi everyone,

(our very first blog post, it's a fact!)
I'm Marthe, equestrian and living in the Netherlands, also known as @black.stallion.bauke on Instagram.

As I'm working with neckropes daily, either making them or working with my horse with a neckrope, I automatically asume that the entire equestrian world knows what they are...

When I was on holiday with my horse Bauke (still am actually) I told this girl at the stables Bauk and I temporary stand that I sold neckropes. She didn't had a clue what a neckrope was so I showed her one of my own. 

As apparently not the entire equestrian world knows what they are I thought it would be nice to dedicate my first blog post about what neckropes are and what I use them for.

Neckropes, what are they? I've come to the conclusian that it's actually pretty hard to explain to people what neckropes are since the possibilities are endless but I'll try to do it as good as I can...

To start with I'm going to tell you guys what I use neckropes for. I use for many difrent things such as liberty training, tricktraining and bridless/neckrope riding.

Why do I like to use my neckrope with liberty training? With liberty training I like to have to have my horse free, that's why I use the term Liberty. The next question people usually ask me is: ''But your horse isn't free, he's wearing a neckrope.'' And yes that's true he is wearing a neckrope but because the neckrope is so light of weight it doesn't influence his actions but if something would happen I'd be able to grab him so for me it is the perfect tool to work to complete liberty.

I like riding with my neckrope since I tent to use my reins to much. With neckrope riding I don't have any reins, I only have my neckrope, voice and body language. What I noticed when I rode with a neckrope for the first time is that I used my reins to much. Neckrope riding learned me to use my body language and voice wich are just as important, maybe even more than your reins. It made me a better equestrian.

Last but not least the reason why I like to use my neckrope during tricktraining is because it helps my horse understand what I ''want'' from him. I use the neckrope to give him cue's nut ofcourse I also like seeing my horse beinhg handsome in one of my own neckropes ?

As I said, you can use a neckrope for many diffrent things but this is what I use them for. Do you use your neckrope for something else? let me know and maybe I'll feature you in one of our next blog posts.

Lots of love,

xoxo Marthe and Bauke ❤


April 22, 2016 — Marthe Mouthaan

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