Humans & Horses

A story as old as time. FR Equestrian believes in inspiring and empowering both humans and horses by bringing them closer together by creating a connection based on freedom, trust and respect.

Designed in to perfection

Carefully created and rigorously tested over and over again by different equestrians and horses to create a bitless bridle that is the perfect combination of optimum comfort, flawless design and premium quality.


Pre-orders for our bitless bridles start november 13th.
Limited quantities available ✨

Their experiences

Romy & Belezza

To ensure optimum comfort and fit we asked equestrians from all around to try our bridles. Belezza her favourite came out to be the Kyra cavemore. With kyra cavemore has three movable rings on the nose that makes this bridle perfect to use as a hackamore or as a cavesson.

Maybel & Douwe

Maybel has been riding Douwe bitless for a number of years now. When Maybel was asked to try our new bitless bridle line her first question was "will there be a sidepull" neat-less to say our Pablo sidepull did not disappoint and it easily became Maybel and Douwe's favourite.

Franka & ET

Franka and ET tried all our bitless bridle but they quickly came to the conclusion that first bridle they tried was the perfect one. ET absolutely loved our Missy sidepull and Franka truly loved the golden bronze browband that the Missy sidepull comes with.