from the ground up


humans & horses

To be themselves

Humans & Horses

A story as old as time. FR Equestrian believes in inspiring and empowering both humans and horses by bringing them closer together by creating a connection based on freedom, trust and respect.


It started

When I was younger I was always inspired to try different things with my horse.

My pony at the time Loesje. A fjoord mix was enormously willing to learn and she got me interested in freedom dressage and groundwork.

When I got older I wanted to try a new way of riding, Free Riding.

Being unable to find durable and affordable products I decided to put my creativity to good use and create one myself.

This was when FR Equestrian was born.

building partnerships

From the ground up

One of our core believes is that meaningful and lasting partnerships are built from the ground on up. By working together with your four legged friend in respect and kindness a friendship will be born in which not even the sky is the limit.

Inspire & empower

There is no template for todays equestrian we are all different but we do have one thing in common, the love for our four legged friends. Free Riding Neckropes strives to inspire and empower equestrians and to let their inner light shine.


All worthwhile relationships are based on kindness, respect and friendship. We can not imagine a friendship that goes deeper than the one between a horse and it's human.

The Free Ride dressage comeption

Together with we all ride we created the first Free riding dressage competions.